36 and 53

36- 3 dreams I want to fulfill 

  1. get a job
  2. learn to love myself
  3. smooch a lot

53- 5 things that make me happy

  1. tarantulas
  2. girls
  3. video games
  4. reptiles
  5. cooking

When I get a job, I’m going to get a tattoo of that photo I took of my C.schioedtei. Like a realistic, expensive, striking awe into people tattoo. And i’m also going to get a chuckwalla. Or at least try to find a cb baby.

Since chuckwallas squeeze into crevices, I can easily imagine them knocking over stacked rocks and tiles and hurting themselves, so I’ve been at a loss of how I would theoretically build a tank that’s impervious to accidents. What if I floored it with clay and pushed the decor into it before hardening it so that everything fits together like puzzle pieces?